Real Life

Real Life

Real Life

This weeks Sunday Scribblings promt ‘Real Life’ immediately reminded me of something I saw at work a few years back. I was having a massive life change, a relationship had broken down, change of friends, scenes, cultures and I had a new job (at a poker company). Although I knew how to play poker (the gameplay, rules, betting etc) I had absolutely no clue on strategies, we had a great in house training and development department that offered classes on poker strategies/bluffing, I signed up to a few and learnt a lot (in no way do I even consider myself a ‘poker’ player), those lessons have stuck with me and so did this:

‘Life is not a matter of holding good cards, but sometimes, playing a poor hand well.’

Real life is only what you make of it. I strongly believe in karma and that life will only chuck things at you that you can handle.

Real life isn’t about perfection, it’s  about learning from your mistakes.

Real life isn’t about materials and products, it’s about achievements and memories.

Real life is about living through problems and coming out the other side.

Photo taken on iPhone at Amsterdam Light Festival, Nov-Dec/2015

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