I Had A Cry Tonight #parenthood

I Had A Cry Tonight #parenthood

This was written through tears one late night in August 2016:

I Had A Cry Tonight

Yes I’m up to my knees in nappies, wipes, bottles, washing, cleaning and cooking.

Yes I’ve got poop under my fingernails and baby sick in my hair.

Yes I cancelled a good friends catch up last week and also missed my summer work party.

No I haven’t had a shower yet this week or attempted my facial routine and I still haven’t returned the pump I’m renting but no longer using.

No I haven’t had a longer sleep than 4 hours in the past 3 months.

No I’m not anywhere close to pre-pregnancy weight or fitting into pre-pregnancy clothes.

But I do have a dry, clean, smiling, giggling, full up, healthy, 11 week old happy baby and when I picked him up tonight (after a nappy change to settle back to sleep) he nested his head under my chin, happy sighed and held his arms out spread hugging me intently.

The wave of emotion was strong, I had a big old grateful cry tonight ❤️

Photo: Clare S, 2016, London.