Resolutions – January Update

Resolutions – January Update

I wanted to round off January with an update, this blog was started with the intention of being accountable for my resolutions, so I’m going to do an update at least at the end of every month this year, including some mini goals for the month ahead.

Blogging – This is my thirteenth post, I hit my first target this month and I already have posts scheduled in going forward. Watch this space! For February I am going to try to focus on some more Parenting posts.

Meal Planning – We ordered in 6 times this month, my aim is 4 times a month. This is still an improvement on last year and will now be the benchmark going forward. We have managed to move away from the norm and tried three new dinner recipes and two new baking recipes this month which all turned out well. I have also been much more aware of our waste and have been turning leftovers into new or frozen meals for us and for our toddler. We had a chilli con carne last night, I made more than we needed earlier on in the month and froze the second batch. Defrosting the night before and reheating last night, the only ‘cooking’ was putting the rice in the rice cooker. Result! One of my new baking recipes, found via google (but can’t re-find) as I had two leftover, over ripe  bananas that I didn’t want to go to waste, was some Banana & Peanut Butter cookies, they were so yummy that they were eaten before I even got the chance to take a photo..

So here’s one that I took of some ham and veg that I was sauteing off before adding in leftover rice for a delicious, quick fried rice dish! This one was loved by everyone in the house and I have had to re do it twice this month already!


Water – I am proud to say that I have crossed off every single day in my Bullet Journal water tracker so far, I am going to continue this for February and possibly add in specific amount of glasses to drink per day for March.

My Well Being – Need to work on this more, this is the goal that I have let myself down on most this month. I also wanted to start a fitness challenge but never got round to it (ring a bell?). Need to up my game in February.

Overall I have lost 2.5kg (5.5 lbs) this month, a healthy outcome of upping my water intake and cooking more home made meals, now that can’t be a bad thing 🙂

Photo: Clare S, 2018

When We Were Wee

When We Were Wee

Having recently become a parent I have reminisced about my own childhood dearly, especially weekends and summers spent at my grandparents cottage in the countryside, a breath of fresh air to the concrete and pollution of central London.

My circle of friends rotated visiting the cottage with me, remembering fun days spent with them at different beaches, play the arcade games, going on the rides at Margate funfair, visiting different zoos and animal sanctuaries, fruit picking all manner of fruits and hot sunny day trips to France feature heavily in my childhood memories.

My time spent at the cottage was always so special and magical, my friends felt it too. My grandparents always went over and above what was expected to make sure me and my friends were always entertained, always busy, never bored.

I can only hope that my son will feel the magic when we go to the countryside, maybe he can one day take his friends along… Which reminds me, apparently Dream Land in Margate is reopening/has reopened, I must check!


Photo: Clare S, 2013, Kent

Prompt: Sunday Scribblings #3 – When We Were Wee

New Years Resolutions 2018: What would you attempt if you knew you would not fail?

New Years Resolutions 2018: What would you attempt if you knew you would not fail?

Alert: Typical first post subject?

I decided to take a different approach to my News Years Resolutions this year, why? Because I nearly ALWAYS fail before the end of January, sometimes I never even started… (much like this blog I’ve been meaning to start). That left me making the same vague resolutions year and year again, not making any big changes at all. The ‘Big Bang’ for me was looking back at my 2017 resolutions as I had no inspiration for this year, I realised I only started half of them and finished last year doing none of them.

Now, this isn’t a ‘New Year, New Me‘ makeover type of post, I’m not trying to reinvent myself or make a strict set of rules to abide by for 2018, that I must follow or fail miserably like always before. This year I’m making small (dare I say easier?) changes but also for the first time, throwing myself in at the deep end. With this I mean, I’m actually starting these resolutions, if they don’t work, or I don’t like them, at least I can say I tried and move on.

So I’m here right now, typing away at a ‘What I would attempt if I knew I would not fail?’ prompt, attempting to blog, something that’s been on that re-occurring resolution list since FOREVER. This blog to be my accountability (and proof) that I’ve actually completed at least one of my goals this year, but hopefully it can account for more, which actually leads my nicely to some of my resolutions:

  1. Simple. Start a blog. Start writing posts. Aim for two to three posts a week. Keep it up for a year. Previously, I started a blog when my son was 12 weeks old and aimed for a post a day, I failed after 3 posts. I think two to three posts a week is a good aim for me for now. I want the opportunity to write a little freely, if I like it I continue, if I don’t like at, at least I tried!
  2. Meal Plan & Prep More, Take Away Less. We order food in a lot, way too much in fact, and I love cooking! Convenience of a food order normally wins because I fail at meal planning and no one wants to take spontaneous cooking responsibility. Our meals need to feed five (4 adults plus a toddler and a dog makes 5) and although we normally have a big selection of meat in the freezer, advance planning and preparation is needed to ensure meat is defrosted properly and it takes as little time as possible to get it on the table. So far I’ve meal planned for the rest of the week and will be delegating the cooking out on some days.
  3. Drink More Water. I was feeling so tired and sluggish last October when I decided to try gain back my water intake, I was filling up with coffee until noon, having cola with lunch and dinner and in between, I’d been forgetting to drink any water! I drank the 8 glasses of water that I was supposed to and after just two days I felt so much better, I started tracking it via my bullet journal then by FitBit app but when I didn’t reach my goal a few times I just stopped tracking. Inevitably, the habit dropped off too. So now my goal is to simply drink water, it’s back in my Bullet Journal combined into my monthly layout.
  4. My Well Being. Me Time. Including Fitness. Being a mum of a toddler that isn’t currently sleeping through and working a forty hour week (plus over time and commute) I hardly ever take time out for me, including doing any exercise apart from walking the dog. I used to do guided meditation nightly, before and throughout pregnancy, but since my son was born there hasn’t been enough time in the day! Luckily my partners work schedule recently changed from a monthly shift pattern including weekends to a weekly Monday to Friday with occasional Saturdays, meaning I’ll be able to plan more me time into my weekend.

This blog will mainly cover Food + Drink as I love cooking and sharing, Health + Wellness as I work in Health & Safety and sit on the well being committee at my workplace, and Parenting. But will probably also contain prompted and unprompted ramblings on pretty much anything.

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Prompt: Sunday Scribblings #1 – What would you attempt if you knew you would not fail?