Why I Live Where I Live

Why I Live Where I Live

SundayScribblings #5 Why I Live Where I Live

It’s quite simple really, this is where my mum’s family moved to after my Grandad retired from the army, before that they moved around with him to various bases in the U.K. and overseas.

My grandad, being the hard worker that he was, started working again and was able to live in (with my nana) the 5* hotel that he managed security for – that left this place to my mum.

I came along and since I was little, it’s been my mum, stepdad and I. I have moved out but always ended up back here and I wouldn’t change it for the world…

Day and night views from our balcony, Primrose Hill, London.

Loophole, Lem Motlow’s Jack Daniel’s

Loophole, Lem Motlow’s Jack Daniel’s

Jack Daniel’s is produced in Moore County, Lynchburg, Tennessee, USA. Ironically, even though it is the top selling American whiskey in the world, Moore is actually a Dry county and has been since the Prohibition started.
Whilst Prohibition ended in 1933 at federal levels, Tennessee state laws were still in place. Lem Motlow (Mr Jack Daniel’s nephew), who had taken over the distillery before the Prohibition, became a state senator leading the efforts to repeal these laws. Some of his promotional material stated: ‘Elect me, and I will do something for myself, but I’ll also do something for you.‘ He was successful in 1938, allowing the production of Jack Daniels to commence in its distilleries.
However, there are no laws regarding the sharing of alcohol and this is the Loophole that Lem Motlow used for all visitors to the distillery.
Jack Daniel’s created a story telling advertising campaign; Leicester Square Tube Station, Piccadilly line (Westbound platform) has a spot that has only advertised Jack Daniel’s for at least the past year, the above was taken in on my daily commute and the first thing that popped into my head after reading today’s prompt.
Daily Prompt | Loophole |luːphəʊl
an ambiguity or inadequacy in the law or a set of rules.
“they exploited tax loopholes”
synonyms: means of evasion/avoidance, means of escape, escape clause, escape route
2. historical
an arrow slit in a wall.
“loopholes in the walls”
synonyms: hole, gap, opening, aperture, chink, slit, slot
make arrow slits in (a wall).
“the walls of the barracks were loopholed for muskets”


SundayScribblings #4 Chocolate

Trying to think of something to write about chocolate is hard for me, I’m more of a savoury gal. However I do have one memory that sticks when talking about the sweet stuff, the liquid chocolate of the Cadbury’s factory, Birmingham, England.

The sweetest, smoothest runny stuff of all of England. #heaven

Image result for cadburys factory

C.A.R.E For A Heart

C.A.R.E For A Heart

Would you know what to do in the event of cardiac arrest or heart attack?

St John Ambulances C.A.R.E For A Heart Campaign details all that you SHOULD know, but hopefully NEVER have to use:

Image result for care for a heart campaign sja

C – Closest defibrillator

Find your closest defibrillator

A – Arrest?

Be ready to spot the signs of cardiac arrest

R – Resuscitate

Know how to resuscitate using CPR

E – Early defibrillation

Early defibrillation gives the best chance of survival


Be lucky, ClareLily101 x

Blue Monday

Blue Monday

Today marks the third Monday in January, otherwise known as Blue Monday, recognised as the day when our moods are at their lowest.

Have a look at the following to help beat your Blue Monday Blues:

B reathe – You breathe 22,000 times every day. How many are you aware of?

L ong Sleep – Try to get a full night’s uninterrupted sleep.

U nderstand – Your budget with this free budget planner.

E xercise – Steady aerobic exercises boosts endorphins, leaving you calmer and happier.


M oneyTools

O utside – Leave your office/house/school for your lunch break, just 10-15 minutes of natural light triggers your body into Vitamin D production.

N ew Year – It doesn’t matter that the year has already started, make a resolution now!

D iscountsDeals for Smarter Spending.

A ppsCalm / Insight Timer / Headspace

Y ou – Take care of yourself and your wellbeing!


Be lucky, ClareLily101 xxx

When We Were Wee

When We Were Wee

When We Were Wee

Having recently become a parent I have reminisced about my own childhood, especially weekends and summers spent at my grandparents cottage in the countryside, a breath of fresh air to the concrete and pollution of central London.

My circle of friends rotated visiting the cottage with me, remembering fun days spent with them at beaches, arcades, Margate funfair, zoos, fruit picking and day trips to France feature heavily in my childhood memories.

Apparently Dream Land in Margate is reopening, I must check!

Sunday Scribblings # 3

Real Life

Real Life

Real Life

This weeks Sunday Scribblings promt ‘Real Life’ immediately reminded me of something I saw at work a few years back. I was having a massive life change, a relationship had broken down, change of friends, scenes, cultures and I had a new job (at a poker company). Although I knew how to play poker (the gameplay, rules, betting etc) I had absolutely no clue on strategies, we had a great in house training and development department that offered classes on poker strategies/bluffing, I signed up to a few and learnt a lot (in no way do I even consider myself a ‘poker’ player), those lessons have stuck with me and so did this:

‘Life is not a matter of holding good cards, but sometimes, playing a poor hand well.’

Real life is only what you make of it. I strongly believe in karma and that life will only chuck things at you that you can handle.

Real life isn’t about perfection, it’s  about learning from your mistakes.

Real life isn’t about materials and products, it’s about achievements and memories.

Real life is about living through problems and coming out the other side.

Photo taken on iPhone at Amsterdam Light Festival, Nov-Dec/2015

Keep in touch with your friends.

Be lucky, ClareLily101 xxx