Why I Live Where I Live

Why I Live Where I Live

Why do you live where you live?

It’s quite simple really, this is where my mum’s family moved to after my Granddad retired from the army, before that they moved around with him to various bases in the U.K. and overseas. My Granddad, being the hard worker that he was, started working again and was able to live in (with my Nana) the 5* hotel that he managed security for – that left this place to my mum. I came along and since I was little, it’s been my mum, stepdad and I. I have moved out but always ended up back here and I wouldn’t change it for the world…

We have the beautiful Primrose Hill just round the corner, perfect for walking the dog and having picnics. I’m also close to the quirky Camden, which never sleeps, perfect for weekends shopping and nights out. Being in central London provides transport to almost anywhere else in London in a relatively short time.

Photos: Clare S, 2017, Day & Night Views over London.

Prompt: Sunday Scribblings #5 – Why I Live Where I Live


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