Loophole, Lem Motlow’s Jack Daniel’s

Loophole, Lem Motlow’s Jack Daniel’s

Jack Daniel’s is produced in Moore County, Lynchburg, Tennessee, USA. Ironically, even though it is the top selling American whiskey in the world, Moore is actually a Dry county and has been since the Prohibition started.
Whilst Prohibition ended in 1933 at federal levels, Tennessee state laws were still in place. Lem Motlow (Mr Jack Daniel’s nephew), who had taken over the distillery before the Prohibition, became a state senator leading the efforts to repeal these laws. Some of his promotional material stated:
Elect me, and I will do something for myself, but I’ll also do something for you.
He was successful in 1938, allowing the production of Jack Daniels to commence in its distilleries. However, there are no laws regarding the sharing of alcohol and this is the Loophole that Lem Motlow used for all visitors to the distillery.
Jack Daniel’s created a story telling advertising campaign; Leicester Square Tube Station, Piccadilly line (Westbound platform) has a spot that has only advertised Jack Daniel’s for at least the past year, the above was taken in on my daily commute and the first thing that popped into my head after reading today’s prompt.
Photo: Clare S, 2018, London Leicester Square Tube Station.
Daily PromptLoophole |luːphəʊl
an ambiguity or inadequacy in the law or a set of rules.
“they exploited tax loopholes”
synonyms: means of evasion/avoidance, means of escape, escape clause, escape route
2. historical
an arrow slit in a wall.
“loopholes in the walls”
synonyms: hole, gap, opening, aperture, chink, slit, slot
make arrow slits in (a wall).
“the walls of the barracks were loopholed for muskets”

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