When We Were Wee

When We Were Wee

Having recently become a parent I have reminisced about my own childhood dearly, especially weekends and summers spent at my grandparents cottage in the countryside, a breath of fresh air to the concrete and pollution of central London.

My circle of friends rotated visiting the cottage with me, remembering fun days spent with them at different beaches, play the arcade games, going on the rides at Margate funfair, visiting different zoos and animal sanctuaries, fruit picking all manner of fruits and hot sunny day trips to France feature heavily in my childhood memories.

My time spent at the cottage was always so special and magical, my friends felt it too. My grandparents always went over and above what was expected to make sure me and my friends were always entertained, always busy, never bored.

I can only hope that my son will feel the magic when we go to the countryside, maybe he can one day take his friends along… Which reminds me, apparently Dream Land in Margate is reopening/has reopened, I must check!


Photo: Clare S, 2013, Kent

Prompt: Sunday Scribblings #3 – When We Were Wee


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