SundayScribblings: #3 – When We Were Wee

When We Were Wee

Having recently become a parent I have greatly thought about my own childhood, especially weekends and summers spent at my grandparents cottage in the countryside, a breath of fresh air to the concrete and pollution of central London. Until they retired they also had a flat on the other side of Primrose Hill to us – walking the whole way across the Hill when I was that young seemed like an adventure (especially when we stayed late for a special occasion and we walked home in the dark!), so the massive open fields of the countryside, fruit picking at the back of the local farm shop, fresh produce and finding out how brussle sprouts grow (to even bringing back a brussle sprout stalk to ‘show and tell’ at school the next day) was a whole new way of life I was experiencing. I remember being confused as we didn’t stop at red lights so often like home and going to the beach didn’t mean going on holiday. The snow set more crisp and there was always a fresh patch to leave your footprint or snow angel unlike at home where if it did set (more likely turn to mush), somebody had always walked across the whole pavement, leaving nowhere new to stamp your wellies. We could go to another country (France) and back in a day (?!?), me and my nan once went over just for a day shopping trip…

Side note 1: Anyone that knows Primrose Hill will know that it’s actually quite small compared to close by Regents Park and Hampstead Heath but walking over diagonally (up and over the hill) as a young child, was as nearly as adventurous as it got in London. Imagine how I felt when I did go to Regents Park or the Heath!

Side note 2: These grandparents are actually step-grandparents (but as good as, if not better than the real thing), my mum and stepdad started dating when I was 4 years old-ish and before this time both my other sets of grandparents lived in London so all of this was really new to me.

I often wonder if my own son and potential future child/ren will get these same experiences as I did. I was proud that I ate brussel sprouts at school Christmas dinners where as most of my class and school mates would turn their noses up in disgust. I loved packing for a weekend or summer holiday down there, I often knew most of what was happening but my Nan always made every visit special and would have some sort of surprise lined up.

I am blessed to say that they are still alive and neither look or act a day above 50 years old, taking cruises and long distance holidays to exotic locations around the world. My Mini Cheddar is 3 months old tomorrow and we have already stayed once at the cottage. We plan on going as often as we can, while we can…

Big Cheddar is completely on board, as I of his childhood memories in his family apartment in Spain. We’ve already planned our first visit once Mini Cheddar is a little older.

So there you go, some ramblings on my childhood, prompted by Sunday Scribblings.

Photo taken on iPhone in a field close to my grandparents cottage, Kent, Aug/2016

Live Laugh Love

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SundayScribblings: #2 – Real Life

Real Life

This weeks Sunday Scribblings promt ‘Real Life’ immediately reminded me of something I saw at work a few years back. I was having a massive life change, a relationship had broken down, change of friends, scenes, cultures and I had a new job (at a poker company), I saw it there but I can’t remember where exactly. Although I knew how to play poker (the gameplay, rules, betting etc) I had absolutely no clue on strategies, we had a great in house training and development department that offered classes on poker strategies/bluffing, I signed up to a few and learnt a lot (in no way do I even consider myself a ‘poker’ player), those lessons have stuck with me and so did this:

‘Life is not a matter of holding good cards, but sometimes, playing a poor hand well.’

Real life is only what you make of it. I strongly believe in karma and that life will only chuck things at you that you can handle.

Real life isn’t about perfection, it’s  about learning from your mistakes.

Real life isn’t about materials and products, it’s about achievements and memories.

Real life is about living through problems and coming out the other side.

Photo taken on iPhone at Amsterdam Light Festival, Nov-Dec/2015

Keep in touch with your friends.

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Pixels101: Clouds

5/Jun/2015 Primrose Hill, UK

25/Jun/2015 Primrose Hill, UK

10/Jul/2015 Primrose Hill, UK

21/Aug/2015 Primrose Hill, UK

Aug/2013 Douglas Bay, IOM

Jul/2014 North Sea

Sep/2012 Wormwood Scrubbs, UK

3/Aug/2016 Primrose Hill, UK

29/Jul/2016 Primrose Hill, UK

27/Aug/2015 Primrose Hill, UK

6/Aug/2016 Sandwich, UK

All taken on various iPhones, some with Instagram filters.

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SundayScribblings: #1 – What would you attempt if you could not fail?

Sunday Scribblings was started way back in March 2006 and was a started as a writing prompt challenge. Each Saturday a new prompt was posted for the next day’s blog post, it continued for 400 posts and ended in December 2013.


What would you attempt if you could not fail? 

(Crap ‘Photo of Moon’ taken from ‘the balcony’, taken on iPhone 6)

For me this has to be Physics/Astrophysics at University – it’s something I’ve always wanted to do but I am petrified of getting myself into debt and then failing.

On top of that I have a 12 week old baby on my hands there is no way I could pay consistant regular attention to a degree. I also only have 9 months left of my Maternity Leave before going back into a 40 hour a week job. So for now watching Sir Professor Brian Cox will have to do!

On a less serious note things like sky diving, bungi jumping, rock jumping, cliff diving, the adrenaline rushes I think about so often but never do, I’m a thrill seeker at heart 😉

Live Laugh Love

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Parenting101: I Had A Cry Tonight

Yes I’m up to my knees in nappies, wipes, bottles, washing, cleaning and cooking.

Yes I’ve got poop under my fingernails and I’m sure there is still baby sick in my hair.

Yes I cancelled a good friends catch up last week and also missed my summer work party.

No I haven’t had a shower yet this week or attempted my facial routine and I still haven’t returned the pump I’m renting but no longer using.

No I haven’t had a longer sleep than (not often) 7 hours/ (and more like) 4 hours in the past 3 months.

No I’m not anywhere close to pre-pregnancy weight or fitting into pre-pregnancy clothes.

But I do have a dry, clean, smiling, giggling, full up, healthy, 11 week old happy baby and when I picked him up tonight (after a nappy change to settle back to sleep) he nested his head under my chin, happy sighed and held his arms out spread hugging me intently.

The wave of emotion was strong, I had a big old grateful cry tonight ❤️

Live Laugh Love

Don’t worry, be happy, be lucky, ClareLily xxx